LP1500 PRO Series (12.8/25.6V-100/200/280Ah)

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery 1280Wh/2560Wh/3584Wh/2560Wh/5120Wh

This lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery is ready to replace your lead-acid battery bank in your solar energy system or RV. It’s powerful, rugged, and has an extremely long cycle life. The battery can store more energy and charge faster than lead-acid battery alternatives.



High cycle life

6000 cycles @ 80% DOD, 25℃ for effectively lower total of ownership cost.

Longer service life

Low maintenance batteries with stable chemistry.

More safety

Circuit breaker protection.

Solid & Durable

Metal Panels design.

Quickly recharge

Save time and increase productivity with less down time thanks to superior charge/discharge efficiency.

Extreme heat tolerance

Suitable for use in a wider range of applications where ambient temperature is unusually high: up to +60°C.


Support series and parallel operation.


Lithium batteries provide more Wh/Kg while also being up to 1/3 the weight of its SLA equivalent.

Technical Data LP15-12100 PRO LP15-12200 PRO LP15-12280 PRO LP15-24100 PRO LP15-24200 PRO
Nominal Voltage 12.8V 25.6V
Nominal Capacity 100Ah 200Ah 280Ah 100Ah 200Ah
Nominal energy 1280Wh 2560Wh 3584Wh 2560Wh 5120Wh
Life Cycles 6000 cycles @ 80% DOD, 25℃
Recommended Charge Voltage 14.6V 29.2V
Recommended Charge Current 20A
End Of Discharge Voltage 10V 20V
Standard Method Charge 20A 40A 56A 20A 40A
Discharge 50A 100A 100A 50A 100A
Maximum Continuous Current Charge 50A 100A 100A 60A 100A
Discharge 100A 150A 150A 100A 150A
BMS Cut-Off Voltage Charge 14.6V (3.65V/Cell) 29.2V (3.65V/Cell)
Discharge 9.4V (2.35V/Cell) 18.8V (2.35V/Cell)
Temperature Charge 0 ~ 45℃
Discharge -10 ~ 55 ℃
Storage Temperature -5~35℃
Shipment voltage ≥12.8V ≥25.6V
Case Material SPCC
* Variations in dimensions and weights may occur due to production batches.
Charge Retention And Capacity Recovery Capability Standard charge the battery, and then put aside at room temperature for 28d or 55 ℃ for 7d, Charge retention rate≥90%, Recovery rate of charge≥90
Certification & Standards CE-EMC (EN 61000-6-3+A1+AC EN IEC 61000-6-1); UN38.3/ MSDS