EH9500 Series (Module:30KVA 30-300KVA)

High Frequency Three Phase(3/3) Modular UPS — Module RU-30KVA(27KW)*3/5/10

EH9500 Modular series adopts advanced “N+X” wireless parallel redundancy technology, which can support 4 parallel connections. The system is easy to update, dilatation and maintain, has excellent electrical performance, high system availability, perfect software and hardware protection. Including power modules, monitoring modules, power distribution modules, maintenance bypass switches, and output switches, providing safe and reliable power protection for varieties of loads.

Model Certification & Standards
EH9500-300KVA/30, EH9500-150KVA/30, EH9500-90KVA/30 EN IEC62040-1:2019, IEC62040-1:2017, EN62040-2:2018, IEC62040-2:2016
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