EP3000 PLUS Series (1-3KW)

Low Frequency Power Inverter/Charger 1~3kW | 230V | WIFI | BAT-CAN

EP3000 PLUS series is a very economical pure sine wave inverter, with AC charger from 20A to 60A; Solar/AC priority is configurable, when setting solar priority, solar will charge batteries as first priority, and AC can also charge batteries when solar charger current is too lower . With pure copper transformer, it enables inverter to operate with all kinds of home appliances.

Model Certification & Standards
EP30-1012/1024/1512/1524/2012/2024/3024/3048 PLUS CE-EMC+LVD(EN6100-6-3: 2007, EN6100-6-1:2017+EN IEC62109-1:2010, EN IEC62109-2:2011)