EH9335 Three Phase Series (10-80KVA)

High Frequency Three Phase(3/3) Online UPS

The EH9335 series of 3/3 Phase Online UPS adopts double-change online design, with input power factor correction (PFC), which makes the input power factor as high as 0.99. It has a high energy density ratio, which greatly reduces its own volume and floor space of the computer room. Using digital control, the system is highly stable, with selfprotection and fault diagnosis capabilities. This series of UPS can better solve power supply problems such as instantaneous voltage drop, damping oscillation, high voltage pulse, surge voltage, harmonic distortion, clutter interference, and frequency fluctuation for users.

Model Certification & Standards
EH9335-10KS, 20KS, 30KS, 40KS, 60KS, 80KS EN IEC62040-1:2019, IEC62040-1:2017, EN62040-2:2018, IEC62040-2:2016
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