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What Is A Home Energy Storage System?

1-30, 2023 / By MUST Power

The situation of unstable power supply is something that many villa owners do not want to encounter. So is there any way to solve the power outage problem? The answer is yes, that is the home photovoltaic energy storage system.

What is a home energy storage system?

Home photovoltaic energy storage system, also known as home photovoltaic energy storage system, usually consists of photovoltaic off-grid system, energy storage inverter, battery, and load. For villa families, a set of 5kW photovoltaic energy storage system can fully meet the daily power consumption. Affected by the world energy crisis, home energy storage systems are becoming more and more common

How to choose a reliable home energy storage system?

1. Customized requirements
Villas are not like standardized residential areas. Each household has a big difference in structure, orientation, etc. When users choose a home energy storage system, they need a customized solution to match the actual situation of the villa. Photovoltaic energy storage system solution.

2. Safe and reliable
It is very important to install a home energy storage system that is safe and reliable. To choose a brand, quality and reliable manufacturers.
Security mainly depends on three aspects:
(1)The safety of the battery. Commonly used energy storage batteries include lead-acid batteries, alkaline batteries, and lithium iron phosphate batteries. Among them, lithium iron phosphate batteries are the safest, because of their high ignition point and stable structure, they can maintain good performance even at high temperatures. Manufacturers who pay attention to safety issues will also be equipped with BMS systems to provide multiple protections for battery cells to prevent many potential hidden dangers such as overcharge, overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, and overload.
(2) The convenience of follow-up maintenance. The installation, disassembly, and post-operation and maintenance steps of the energy storage system should be simple, because any system may fail, but if the disassembly steps are complicated, the maintenance cost is high, and the maintenance time is long, it will be very unsafe if there is a subsequent failure.
(3) Whether it can be monitored intelligently. That is, the energy storage system should preferably have an APP that can display the operating status of the equipment on the mobile phone at any time, and can remind the residents of any problems at any time.

3. After-sales problems of manufacturers
The follow-up maintenance and quality assurance of home energy storage systems are very important. Brand manufacturers have long-term and stable after-sales services, and are equipped with professional technical teams for one-on-one service.