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Trends in the Solar Inverter Market

9-18, 2014 / By MUST Power

The solar inverter market is extremely competitive – margins are shrinking and many companies are gaining market share by gobbling up rivals. Two weeks ago, Danfoss acquired one-fifth of SMA in a stated bid to “fend off low-cost Asian rivals”. Over the last few years ABB and Power-0ne merged, Advanced Energy acquired REFusol and in 2008 Schneider purchased Xantrex. Solar inverter manufacturers are using the tried and true methods of market growth, supply chain consolidation and technology advancement by merger and acquisition.

In this competitive environment, inverter manufacturers are staying in front of the competition curve via advancements in technology. Technology trends such as DC/AC ratio optimization, increased voltages and neutral point clamped topology are a few of the means by which inverter manufacturers are helping their customers keep costs down and increase efficiency.