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Strong demand to support photovoltaic silicon wafer prices in the market prices are high

2-24, 2021 / By MUST Power

Silicon prices have remained high since July, supported by rising supply shortages.According to the silicon material price published by PvinFolink, the average price of cauliflower material and compact material is 55 yuan /kg and 88 yuan /kg respectively recently, and the highest price of compact material is 91 yuan /kg.

With silicon prices “rising” corresponding to silicon wafer prices have also been increased, since this month, CMC shares and Longi shares have announced product price increases: February 4, CMC shares to increase the external monocrystalline silicon wafer price: low resistance M6 (T175μm) monocrystalline silicon wafer price of 3.35 yuan/piece;Low resistance G1 (T175μm) price is 3.25 yuan/tablet;The price of G12 (T175μm) is 5.6 yuan/tablet.

Longji shares in February 5 again announced price adjustment, its single crystal silicon sheet P type M6 175μm thickness (166/223mm) the latest offer of 3.35 yuan/piece;Monocrystalline silicon sheet P type G1 175μm thickness (158.75/223mm) the latest price of 3.25 yuan/piece;Monocrystal silicon sheet P type M10 175μm thickness (182/247mm) the latest quotation of 4.05 yuan/piece.

Liao Wei, a member of the photovoltaic industry, told reporters that the rise in silicon wafer prices was mainly due to a shortage of upstream raw materials and the expansion of battery production.In terms of supply, the silicon material production belongs to the chemical industry, and the expansion cycle is long. Natural disasters and accidents result in reduced production, which leads to serious shortage of supply in the short term.
At the same time, the market supply and demand change is also an important reason for the price rise.According to Liao, the current silicon price is still determined by the market, so it may show an accelerated trend of rise.In addition, Tongwei shares of staff also told reporters that silicon prices depend on supply and demand, the company’s polysilicon prices fluctuate, there may be price increases.

Photovoltaic industry expert Lv Jinbiao told reporters that silicon materials, silicon wafers such materials used in a single crystalline silicon photovoltaic, in general with the expansion of the industrial scale and technological progress and decline, price fluctuations by short-term supply and demand changes and adjustment.

It is worth noting that Wang Bohua, vice president and secretary general of China Photovoltaic Industry Association, said recently that the tight supply and demand of the industry chain has become one of the challenges facing the photovoltaic industry. For example, silicon materials and glass are still in short supply, and major enterprises have begun to sign long orders to ensure the supply of products.