SG1220W Series Solar Lighting System

Solar Lighting System

SG1220W Series (20W/18V)

SG1220W Series Solar Lighting System is the newly design solar solution to provide the safety and security of having light when you need it most, the system kit with battery and controller built-in, and the PV panel with 6m cable which made with socket, it is the plug and play system, easily install.

Solar Controller
Solar Controller
Solar Panel
Solar Panel
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  • Solar Panel: 20W/18V, With 8m’s cable;
  • Battery: 12V-12Ah Lead Acid Battery;
  • LED Bulb: 12V-3W x 2pc & 12V-5W x 2pc E27,4m’s cable with Switch & Socket,1 by 2 Extension Cable 5m;
  • MP3 and Radio function;
  • 6* DC output can power 6 rooms;
  • 2* USB port can charge all kind of mobilephones and iPad, iPod;
  • USB: 10 in 1 mobile Charger, can charge all kinds of phone;
  • 5 lights to show the battery condition more accurately;
  • Rated Charging Current: 2A;
  • Rated Discharging Current: 2A for Each (total 6);
  • USB Charging Current: 1A;
  • charging time: 7-8 hours;
  • lighting hours: 9 hours working together for 4 bulbs at the same time;
  • Two colors for choosing (Blue, Yellow);
  • OEM is acceptable.

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Model: SG1220W
Solar Panel 18V/20W
Lead-acid Battery 12V/12AH
Solar Controller 12V/5A
Mini Stereo MP3 Player,Radio function
Output Voltage USB 5V output: 5V/2A(Max)
Output Voltage DC 12V output: 12V/6A(Max)
Charging Mode PWM Charging time: About 10hours
Size Main case box: 300*275*170mm
Size Solar panel: 360*530*23mm
Weight Main case box: 8kg
Weight Solar panel: 2.5kg
Electricity Reference
Number Appliance Power Quantity Working time Total power
1 Lamps 3W 2 5H 30Wh
2 Fan 15W 1 6H 90Wh
3 Ipad 10W 1 2H 20Wh
4 Total       144Wh

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