Portable Power Station HBP1600 TP Series (500W) Portable Power Station HBP1600 TP Series (500W) Portable Power Station HBP1600 TP Series (500W)

Portable Power Station

HBP1600 TP Series (500W)

The portable power supply allows you to have accessible power wherever you go. It's a valuable gadget for emergencies, camping trips, boating trips, and more. With its ability to support 5 devices at a power of 500W, you'll live in comfort knowing that your devices will stay on top of charge.

  • Lithium iron phosphate, the safest chemistry of all lithium battery types;
  • Superb performance and long lifespan;
  • Multiple operation modes available;
  • Suitable for outdoor adventures;
  • Charge 5 devices simultaneously;
  • Great for emergencies.
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Type Item Parameter
INPUT Direct current input DC 5521 12-24V-5A
Direct current input Type-C PD60W
AC OUT 110/220V AC output voltage AC plug AC 220V±5%
AC output watt 500W
Over-load protection 550W
AC output wave Pure sine wave
AC output peak 1000W peak hold time
Frequency 50Hz
USB output ports USB1 output QC3.0 MAX 12V/1.5A
USB2 output QC3.0 MAX 12V/1.5A
TC output port Type-C1 output PD18W
TC output port Type-C2 output PD60W
Wireless output   15W
DC output port DC1/DC2 Cigarette lighter 12V/10A MAX
Charging parameter   DC 12-24V/5A
Charging time 5-6H form 10% to 100% (auto cut-off)
Charging voltage 25.2V±0.1V the voltage until full-charged
Protect function   short circuit/over-load/over-heat/over-voltage/over-current/short-voltage
LED screen Show battery charging status Percentage of battery charging status
DC/AC/PD working condition Showing watt
Battery pack Type Li-on battery
Capacity 450Wh
Recycle Over 1000 times
Over-heat protection AC over-heat protection ≥85℃
  Battery over-heat protection ≥65℃
Boot static   8W

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