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PH5000T Series High Frequency On Grid Solar Inverter (7-15KW) PH5000T Series High Frequency On Grid Solar Inverter (7-15KW) PH5000T Series High Frequency On Grid Solar Inverter (7-15KW)

High Frequency On Grid Solar Inverter

PH5000T Series (7-15KW)

PH5000T series PV inverters take full account of the needs of end customers, with excellent performance at the same time, use LED as inverter status display, effectively improve product life. Using DSP digital control,could afford wide grid voltage range, have a full range of protection features; to maximize the benefits at the same time, greatly enhance the reliability of the product.

  • Rated power:7KW-15KW
  • Dual MPPT
  • Wide input voltage range 160V-1000Vdc
  • Integrated DC switch
  • DSP controller
  • The maximum efficiency is 98.3%
  • Multi protection and detection
  • Support export limitation
  • WIFI monitoring standard
  • IP65 protection rating
  • Natural cooling
  • Easy installation
  • Five years warranty
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Wifi communication

you can download this app on your cellphone and monitor the whole system, you will know how much electricity the system generate and sell to utility.

LCD Display Panel

Perfectly driving inductive load current

MODELPH50- 7000TPH50- 8000TPH50- 9000TPH50- 10000TPH50- 11000TPH50- 12000TPH50- 13000TPH50- 15000T
Output (AC)
Rated AC output power7000W8000W9000W10000W11000W12000W13000W15000W
Max.AC apparent power7700VA8800VA9900VA11000VA12100VA13200VA14200VA16500VA
Max.output current11.1A12.7A14.3A15.9A17.5A19A20.6A23.8A
Nominal AC Voltage230V/400V
AC Voltage range184Vac-300Vac
AC grid frequency range50±5Hz
Power factor at Rated power1
Adjustable displacement power factor0.8leading.  0.8lagging
THDi @ Full load%THDv <1%< 3%
AC grid connection type3W+N+PE
Input Data
Max.DC power8400W9600W10800W12000W132000W14400W15600W18000W
Max.DC voltage1000V
Start voltage160V
PV voltage range160V-1000V
MPP voltage rang200V-1000V
Full load voltage range295V-850V335V-850V375V-850V416V-850V458V-850V420V-850V450V-850V520V-850V
Max.input current12.5A/12.5A20A/10A
Number of independent MPP trackers / strings per MPP tracker2/12/2+1
DC connectionH4/MC4
Euro weighted efficiency97.5%97.8%98%
MPPT efficiency99.5%
Protection devicesDC reverse polarity protection, Output over current protection, Output overvoltage protection-varistor, DC reverse polarity protection, DC switch rating foreach MPPT(opt.), Ground fault monitoring, Integrated all-pole sensitive leakage current monitoring unit
Weight (kg)2224
Operation temperature range-25℃ -+60℃ with derating above 45℃
Noise emission(typical)≤35dB(A)
Self-consumption night< 1W
Cooling conceptNatural
Environmental protection RatingIp65
Relative humidity100%
AC connectionconnector
Interfaces:USB/WI-FI/GPRS/ RS485YES/YES /Opt/YES
WarrantyStandard 5 years/10 years opt.)
Certificates and approvalsCE/IEC62109

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