5-22, 2018 / By MUST Power

Dear Clients,
Nowadays, one of our Client received a payment request email which on behalf of our company. This email is a high risk , and not easy for comparing the difference.
Here attached some pictures which provided from this client:
And hope these info could help you when under the same situations.

1.Email address create same address.

2. Signature almost same that not easy to contact.

The black letters are the pretender,
The blue letters are our original.
There are only one number word difference as the red marked shown.

3.Send the PI, but as different account with different company beneficiary name

4. You may find the difference, but the pretender use a skype account named same as the sales you contacted. Then try to convince you.
Kindly check the content as below.

In order for your payment safety, pls kindly double check the bank account, beneficiary name if there’s any changes before make the payment.
And free to contact us directly or find us on our website if for any doubts.

Warmly noted: For any changes of the account shall be provided an official notification to the website as well.

Thanks again for your time and support.We wish you a more safety payment environment.

Must power limited group.