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New Price increasing wave is coming…

11-2, 2021 / By MUST Power

New Price increasing wave is coming: Under the environment of double control of energy consumption and further intensified cut-off of power, the photovoltaic industry is increasingly affected. The effect of price rise is transmitted from silicon materials all the way to silicon wafers, cell wafers, component manufacturers and terminal power stations, and the whole photovoltaic industry chain is affected, which may be more serious than expected!

Dual control of energy consumption can originally bring great development opportunities for the photovoltaic industry, but now the whole industry chain is gradually unbalanced. In 2021 was the first year of photovoltaic comprehensive parity, photovoltaic industry usher in “difference” huge opportunities for development is also a key year, photovoltaic industry chain upstream and downstream need to hand in hand, overcome difficulties, take responsibility, mutual resist photovoltaic industry supply chain risk, take a rational, global, sustainable development view to ensure the healthy development of the photovoltaic market in the new stage.