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MUST Power Inverters PH3000 Pro Newest Poster

9-3, 2016 / By MUST Power

September, 1, 2016 , Must Power Limited designed PH3000 Pro Newest Poster,this model is our new power inverter,the power ranges for 1KW to 6KW,DC12/24/48V to AC110/230V available.


The New products PH3000 Pro Seriesdetails as below:

Low Frequency Pure Sine Wave Inverter


  • 1. Pure sine wave output
  • 2. Rated power 1kw to 6kw
  • 3. 3 times surge power
  • 4. Wide frequency 40Hz -80Hz
  • 5. Compatible to generator
  • 6. Overload & short circuit protection
  • 7. Smart battery charger designed for optimized battery performance
  • 8. Cold start function

Below is comparison between EP3000 & PH3000 Pro Series


This PH3000 Pro new item will very be suitable to develop the market of Africa,such as Nigeria,Kenya,South Africa .etc. Our targets is PH3000 Pro will hit you a new high again in this year.

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