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MUST “Coagulation of Heart and Strength · Brave Peak”

7-27, 2022 / By MUST Power

The mid-year expansion and reappraisal meeting of “Coagulation of Heart and Strength · Brave Peak” of Mercer came to a perfect end.

On July 23, 2022, the sky was clear and clear, which was a good day for hiking (climbing) and walking (mountain). The management team of Mercer went to Qiniang Mountain on Dapeng Island to carry out a hiking activity. After work, we should also get close to nature and feel the beauty of nature. 24 mid-year review and the second half of the planning meeting was held in Shenzhen Dapeng Jinzun Holiday Hotel, general manager Wu Changhua and various department heads attended the meeting.

In this impassioned anthem melody, the conference opened. The meeting began with General Manager Wu’s opening speech.

The meeting was a great success. We not only reviewed and summarized the first half of 2022, but also laid a solid foundation for our work plan for the second half of the year. We are more confident in meeting our goals. Mercer people will hold on to the renewed struggle, raise the sail of practical work, continue to innovate in advancing with The Times, and write the ideal chapter again!