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MUST BIG power Modular UPS EH9500 Series (20-200KVA; 30-300KVA; 40-400KVA)

12-29, 2020 / By MUST Power

The EH9500 modular series uses advanced “N+X” wireless parallel Redundancy technology to support 6 parallel connections. The system is easy to upgrade,expand and maintain, has excellent electrical performance, high system availability,and complete software and hardware protection.Power modules, monitoring modules,power distribution modules,maintenance bypass switches, and output switches provide safe and reliable ower protection for various loads.

Product Performance
(1)DSP full digital control technology, pure online double conversion architecture, with strong carrying capacity;
(2)Adopt standard cabinet,and the power distribution system is integrated inside the cabinet, which is convenient to install and saves user’s investment;
(3)Input power factor up to 0.99, low harmonic current, environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving;
(4)Wide input voltage range, 50Hz/60Hz grid system adaptive, suitable for various environmental grids;
(5)”N+X” wireless parallel redundancy technology, it is easy to set the number of redundant parallel units through the LCD screen; all modules support hot swap operation for easy maintenance;
(6)Advanced battery intelligent management technology (automatic floating charge switching, battery pack temperature compensation, etc.) to effectively extend battery life;
(7)With distributed bypass power supply, each module has built- in automatic bypass switch and corresponding bypass current sharing inductor, which provides good current sharing of system bypass power supply;
(8)Parallel modules share the same battery pack, saving user battery investment;
(9)With emergency shutdown (EPO) switch and remote emergency shutdown (REPO) function;
(10)Perfect software and hardware protection functions (C-level lightning protection, air-opening, Fuse, hardware protection, software protection), super self-diagnosis function, rich history query;
(11)Large LCD touch widescreen display for a friendly human- machine interface;
(12)Rich communication interface, including RS232, RS485, USB, dry contact, and SNMP (optional) card;
(13)Different external batteries can be selected according to user needs (32/34/36/38/40 pcs);
(14)Support battery cold start and city power self-start function to meet user needs With maintenance bypass, when there is an emergency, you can switch to the maintenance bypass power supply, and the maintenance personnel can safely perform online maintenance;
(15)Each module adopts an independent control system. The UPS module is independently controlled according to the shared information. After the faulty module fails, it can be disconnected from the parallel system immediately, which does not cause harm to the parallel system.


Data center integrated computer room, large central network computer room, government department, ISP service provider, telecommunications, finance,securities, transportation,taxation, medical system,etc.

(1)LED (from top to bottom: “alarm”, “bypass output”, “battery output”,“mains output”); 
(2)LCD display; 
(3)scroll button; 
(4)Off button; 
(5)On button(battery cold start switch).

(2)screw holes; 
(3)module connector slot; 
(5)UPS Module input switch; 
(6)UPS Module bypass switch.

1. front lock; 
2. LCD Display; 
3. Side Lock; 
4. Rear Lock

5. LED display of Central Monitor Unit; 
6. Main Switch of Central Monitor Unit; 
7. EPO switch; 
8. O/P Switch; 
9. UPS Module 1; 
10. UPS Module 2; 
11. UPS Module 3; 
12. UPS Module4; 
13. UPS Module 5; 
14. UPS Module 6; 
15. UPS Module 7; 
16. UPS Module 8; 
17. UPS Module 9; 
18. UPS Module 10; 
19. Maintenance Switch; 
20. maintenance switch & its cover; 
21. bottom cover for front door; 
22. Main Switch for UPS Module 1; 
23. Main Switch for UPS Module 2; 
24. Main Switch for UPS Module 3; 
25. Main Switch for UPS Module 4; 
26. Main Switch for UPS Module 5; 
27. Main Switch for UPS Module 6; 
28. Main Switch for UPS Module 7; 
29. Main Switch for UPS Module 8; 
30. Main Switch for UPS Module 9; 
31. Main Switch for UPS Module 10;
32. RS485 port; 
33. RS485 port; 
34. Dry Contact Port; 
35. LCD connecting port; 
36. RS232 port; 
37. OPTION port; 
38. Intelligent Network Port; 
39. SNMP port; 
40. terminal block for bypass& output; 
41. terminal block for Input, battery&GND; 
42. back blind cover; 
43. bypass switch for power module 1; 
44. bypass switch for power module 2; 
45. bypass switch for power module 3; 
46. bypass switch for power module 4; 
47. bypass switch for power module 5; 
48. bypass switch for Module 6; 
49. bypass switch for Power module 7; 
50. bypass switch for power module 8; 
51. bypass switch for power module 9; 
52. bypass switch for power module 10; 
53. Parallel port; 
54. SCI Update port; 
55. bypass choke module; 
56. Switch for input EMI capacitance; 
57. Surge protection device.