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How to choose the pv inverter with high power

8-11, 2014 / By MUST Power

In the photovoltaic power station system, the cost of the inverter is less than 8%, but it is the decision of the power generation efficiency, in the photovoltaic power station, such as when the component parts are identical, choose different inverter, system the difference of the total generating capacity of 5% to 10%. system to power after the success of the installation, inverter is a decisive factor. So experienced manufacturer, can choose high total generating capacity of inverter, the improve the efficiency of the whole system. The inverter with high technical content, integrated with the electric power, electronics, structure, thermal design, control into an organic whole. For EPC had become experts inverter, and the plant owner clearly unlikely. This article from the basic parameters of the output voltage of inverter, let everybody understand the inverter because of the different parameters under the condition of, what is the change of inverter power.

Now domestic high-power inverter power plant type, the output voltage is 270 v and 315 v, 270 v common output power level is 250 KW, 400 KW to 500 KW , common 315 v output power level is 315 KW , 500 KW, 630 KW. Tell from the Angle of inverter and 315 v output of 630 KW inverter, hardware and 270 v output of 500 KW inverter are exactly the same. So the same level of power inverter, than 270 v 315 v output voltage of the inverter output voltage of the inverter cost about 20% less, and the higher the voltage, current, the less efficiency would be higher.

But from the consideration on the system capacity, should make full use of solar energy components, crystal showers of inverter r &d engineers advised to choose a 270 v output of the inverter. Because before the inverter project, crystal showers of research engineers had to live at home and abroad more than 50 photovoltaic power station, found 630 KW inverter power is not more than 20% of the 500 KW inverter. Less than 15% of the increase. Through the theoretical analysis and field analysis, found the 630 KW inverter MPPT range is 500 v to 820 v, the 500 KW inverter MPPT range is 450 v to 820 v. This 50 v voltage difference among them, the general is solved through a string of one or more components. But in fact, in rainy days, the voltage from 450 v to 500 v or we’ll have more time. So the total power generation time, 10% of the latter than the former.