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Can off-grid inverters not be equipped with batteries?

4-30, 2020 / By MUST Power

It is a good choice to install photovoltaic systems in places where electricity prices are relatively expensive and there are frequent power outages. However, the grid-connected system cannot generate electricity during a power outage, wasting some energy, and the equipment cannot work, which affects the continuity of work. If a photovoltaic off-grid system is installed, the photovoltaic can continue to generate electricity during a power outage without affecting the continuous operation of the equipment, and the overall benefit is better. However, conventional off-grid systems need to be equipped with a large number of storage batteries. These energy storage batteries are expensive and have a short lifespan, which increases the initial investment cost of the system. Therefore, the application of photovoltaic off-grid systems is also limited.

The newly developed PV1800 PRO by MUST breaks people’s conventional thinking. It can work with less or even no batteries, and in some specific occasions, using this off-grid inverter can reduce the initial investment and increase the profit. The characteristics of this inverter are detailed below.

MUST PV1800 PRO has an inverter output power of 5200W. In addition to the basic functions of conventional off-grid inverters, photovoltaic priority working mode, mains complementary working mode, and battery working mode, a battery-less working mode has also been added. The battery-less mode means that when the system has no battery or the system has a battery, but the battery is dormant for some reason, the inverter can still ensure normal operation under sufficient photovoltaic conditions.