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Affected by the epidemic, the photovoltaic energy storage system has become the focus

4-30, 2020 / By MUST Power

In addition to saving electricity costs and green electricity, solar energy and home energy storage products also have a function that is easily overlooked by people, that is, emergency and security functions, which are particularly valued by people in certain periods.

Due to the months of wildfires in Australia and the epidemic that has spread throughout the world in the past two months, it has brought a sense of crisis to the people. Following the rush to buy toilet paper in Australia and some people even fight it out, recently, an Australian solar energy retailer Smart Energy said that in order to ensure normal life in uncertain times, consumers have promoted a surge in sales of solar energy and home energy storage products. Smart Energy’s New South Wales branch said sales of the company’s products reached a record high in the last quarter. In the past two weeks, the company’s sales have increased by 41%, while the amount of consulting on batteries has increased by 400%.

The main reason can be explained by the fact that after the forest fires and floods in Australia and the related economic recession, consumers tend to buy more environmentally friendly products, and people also hope that their houses can be guaranteed in the future.

As an advocate of the green industry, MUST is also making every effort to bring green energy to the people affected by the epidemic. At present, our energy storage inverter PH1000 has achieved Australia SAA certification, CE certification, Italy CEI-0-21, and reached IEC 62040, IEC 62109 standards, global shipments continue to grow.