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Power Inverter -The design of the Sine wave power inverter is integrated with the charger
- it also can be automatically in charge even power on

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EP8000 series 500-5000VA Communications inverter

The inverter power supply is widely used in the fields such as Telecom,Mobile,Unicom,Aviation and spaceflight, finance management, OA, industrial auto control, medical treatment and sanitation, military affairs, scientific research etc.


Main Features:
Along with the quick development of information network technology, Inverter / Power Inverter / Inverter Power Supply is a new DC to AC conversion power supply. Use the battery DC as input, after inverting, Inverter will output the pure sine wave AC. The output voltage and frequency is ultra-reliable and and work continully in long time. Inverter can eliminate the disadvantage such as power interrupt, un constant voltage, noise interfere and surge etc. At the same time, Inverter / Power Inverter / Inverter Power Supply can solve the limitation of short backup time of UPS. So Inverter / Power Inverter / Inverter Power Supply can ensure the continually and reliable working of electro-equipments. 
EP8000 series pure sine wave Inverter / Power Inverter / Inverter Power Supply is a new device which can invert the DC to AC, specially design for the communication system.
Softwave protection and hardwave protection, high reliability.
Perfect protection: input polarity reverse, input over/under voltage, over current, shortcircuit, over heat. Also the soft start function
3 layers composite filter and magnetism shielded whichand reduce the reflect noise voltage to the input port, perfect electromagnetism compatibility.
Intelligent Fan
Can connect with pure sensibility load (Should reduce voltage)



Model EP8000-500 EP8000-1000 EP8000-2000 EP8000-3000 EP8000-5000
Rated capacity (VA) 500VA 1000VA 2000VA 3000VA 5000VA
Rated output power (W) 400W 800W 1600W 2400W 3500W
DC Input Rated input voltage (Vdc) 48V
Rated input current (A) 10 25 50 75 125
Shut down voltage range 40V¬60V
Start-up voltage range   46V¬57V
Reflect noise current ≤10%
AC input   Allowed bypass voltage (Vac) 220±15%
Rated input current(A) 2.3 4.5 9.1 13.6 22.7
Bypass switch time (ms) ≤5ms
AC output   Rated output voltage and frequency   220Vac,50Hz
Waveform Pure sine wave
Rated output current (A) 1.8 3.6 7.2 10.8 16
Output voltage precision (V) 220±1.5%
Output frequency precision (Hz) 50Hz±0.1%
Waveform distortion (THD) ≤3%  (liner load)
Dynamic respond time 5%  (load 0←→100%)
Power factor (PF) 0.7/0.8
Over loading capability 120%,30s
Invert efficiency ≥85%
Operation environment   Insulating intensity   1500Vac,1 minute
Noise (1m) ≤40dB
Operation temperature   -25°C¬+50°C
Humility 0¬90%, non condensing
Operation altitude (m) ≤1000
Cooling mode Forced wind cooling
Inverter status   Mains supply is normal, invert normal, battery under voltage, output overloading
External dimension   19inch Rack (2U) 482*88*250 482*88*300 482*88*380
Weight   5Kg 7 Kg 8 Kg 11 Kg 13 Kg
Stand-alone (W*H*D) / 175*275*452 222*328*452
Weight   / 8 Kg 9 Kg 12 Kg 15 Kg
Color White (grey)
Protection function Input under/over voltage, output overloading, short circuit, city power high-low voltage protection
Output mode Socket or terminal block terminal block


Selectable wide and narrow input voltage switch features flexibility for users. It is perfect to connect either generators or computer-related devices. It's a green subsitution for generators without air pollution.

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