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On-Line UPS Must has developed a new generation of on-line intelligent UPS---EH Series 1K(S)/2K(S)/3K(S)/6K(S)/10K(S)/3EH10KS/3EH15KS/3EH20KS UPS. Its uses the Motorola microprocessor with robust processing power which is capable of detecting and controlling quickly and accurately all movements of the UPS to ensure high product reliability

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EH9115 Series 3 Phase Low frequency UPS 100-160KVA


High quality and availability of energy adapted to suit specific critical needs,covering a vast range of applications,it provides maximum protection for vital ‘mission-critical' networks, security applications (electro medical) and industrial applications.

Main Features:

 High accuracy and reliability due to the double DSP control system

 The working status of UPS is displayed clearly on LCD screen

 Designed for industry to make sure the UPS works well under the bad circumstance

 With isolated transformer output and can drive the load of motors series directly

 Make sure the reliability and safety of the load and system due to the full protective function

 Cold start directly and smart operation for users

 Advanced network monitor function and support various system

 UPS can be easily interconnected owning to the special control technology




MODEL  EH9115 100KS EH9115 120KS EH9115 160KS
CAPACITY 100KVA/80KW  120KVA/96KW  160KVA/128KW 
Voltage  380/400/415 Vac +/-20%(3 phase and 4 wire)
Input range +/ - 20% ( > +/- 20% is available upon request)
Input Frequency 50 / 60 Hz + / - 10%
Efficiency > 93%
Voltage Regulation + / - 1%
Phase  3-Phase Input / 3-Phase Output
AC Voltage Regulation (Batt. Mode) 380/400/415 Vac +/-1% 380/100/415Vac+/-3% ( 3 phase and 4 wire)
Frequency Range (Synchronized Range)  Simulaneoously with line input (Commercial power status)
Power Factor  0.8
Harmonic Distortion  <=2 % THD (Linear Load)
Transfer Time AC to DC  Zero 
Inverter to Bypass  4 ms (Typical) 
Waveform (Batt. Mode)  Pure Sine Wave 
Battery Type & Numbers  Maintenance free lead-acid batteries / 12V x 32pcs
Current Adc (Selectable)
Battery Start Yes, UPS can be started without AC source.
LCD Panel UPS status, Load level, Battery level, Input/Output voltage, and Fault
130% overload 10 minutes
130 - 150% overload 60 seconds
> 150% overload 30 seconds
Efficiency (100% Load) 95%
Dimension, D X W X H (mm) 1000*900*1680
Net Weight (kgs)  840 940 1010
Humidity  0% - 90% (NonLCCondensing)
Temperature 0 – 40°C
Noise Level  < 65 dBA (At 1 M)
Altitude <1500 M Above Sea Level
Crest ratio 3:1
Short Circuit Pretection YES
Lightning / EMC Filter MOV / Input&Output
Galvanic Isolation Input&Output true Galvanic isolation
Remote Control /
Communication Interface
 Dry contact, True RS232 port


MUST EH9115 series low frequency on line UPS has an extremely outstanding mechanical and electrical design: isolation transformer on the inverter, high short-circuit current and sinusoidal absorption with low THDI.

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