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Power Inverter -The design of the Sine wave power inverter is integrated with the charger
- it also can be automatically in charge even power on

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EP2000 series 1KW-4KW Sinewave Inverter (LCD)



 High quality and availablity of energy adapted to suit specific critical needs
Covering a vast range of applications. 
 Applied to a variety of mobile applications such as commercial, emergency and recreational vehicles, marine vessels, construction and military equipment

Main Features:

  Extremely low return noise and no disturbance to talking quality.
 Special charging system design for better protection of battery life.
 Short circuit, overload, overload, over voltage and low battery protection.
 With standard on-line structure (three ports)and can be used as UPS. Specification
 Compatible with generators and suitable for harsh environment where power voltage is extremely unstable.
 RS232 port, smart power management software, automatic file saving and shutting down at power abnormalities.
  Use-friendly interface, LED simulative display, LCD digital display and computer screen display of inverter operation status.


MODEL 115V Models 230V Models
Power Levels crated at 1000W,1500W,2000W,3000W,4000W 1000W,1500W,2000W,3000W,4000W
Output Voltage 120V(+/-10%) 220V(+/-10%)
Voltage Waveform Pure Sine wave
Crest Factor 3:1
Output Frequency Auto Select for 50/60Hz
(Synchronized to Mains) 47Hz ~ 55Hz for 50Hz nominal
56Hz ~ 65Hz for 60Hz nominal
Regulation (Nominal) ±10% typical of nominal voltage
Regulation(Battery mode ±3% of selected output voltage
Transfer time Blackout 3ms typical
Brownout 1ms typical
Battery mode to Normal mode:1ms typical
Over current protection Over load alarm level 100% ~ 120%
Over load shutdown level 120% ~ 190%
Nominal Voltage 120V 220V
Input Frequency 47Hz ~ 65Hz, 50/60Hz auto-sensing
Efficiency (Normal mode) 97%
Noise Filtering Full time EMI/RFI filtering
Voltage Range 75V ~ 155V 145V ~ 280V
AVR Range(2 Bucks, 2 Boosts) Enhanced Buck: +28% of selected nominal voltage
Buck mode: +10% of selected nominal voltage
Boost mode: -10% of selected nominal voltage
Enhanced Boost: -25% of selected nominal voltage
Surge Protection  424 Joules
Battery type Lead-Acid 50Ah to 500Ah (Recommended) Lead-Acid 50Ah to 500Ah (Recommended)
Voltage 1000W:12/24VDC; 1500W-2000W:24/48VDC; 3000W-4000W:48VDC
Typical backup time No Limit
Charging method Quick charging when battery is not fully charged,
trickle charging when battery is 90% fully charged.
Maximum charging current 15-25amp(MAX)
Average charging Quick charging mode:14V maximum.
voltage for each battery Trickle charging mode:13.5V (adjustable with the remote set-up software)
Protection Over current protection & Over charging voltage protection (SCR control)
Thermal protection (CPU control)
When temperature inside the unit is over 50 °C, charger will stop charging for 2 minutes followed by an 2 minutes charging. The cycle will be repeat
Monitoring Smart monitoring & warning for failed battery or open-circuit battery.
Auto-detection each time when power on or every 6 days.
Rating voltage 12V / 24V / 48V  12V / 24V / 48V 
DC input range 12V model : 12 ~ 21Vdc
24V model : 24 ~ 42Vdc
48V model : 48 ~ 84Vdc
Charging method Constant voltage with current limiting by PWM control
Charging voltage 12V model :13.5Vdc
24V model : 27.0Vdc
48V model : 54.0Vdc
Power rating 12V model : 13.5Vdc @ 37A
24V model : 27.0Vdc @ 37A
48V model : 54Vdc @ 18.5A
Protection DC input polarity protection, DC input short circuit protection( when battery is
connected), DC output over current protection
Standard Interface port UPSilon2000 compatible; optional for RS232 .
Optional Interface part RJ45 (Surge protection), DB9, 
Control panel LCD or LED Selectable
Audible alarm Alarm on battery:Low battery & Battery over voltage
Alarm on abnormal operation:Over load, Short-circuit, & Over heat
Green mode function 1% to 14% of full load (adjustable by using the remote set-up software)
(Auto-shut-off in blackout) The default setting is OFF.
Cooling fan control Auto on / off, controlled by temperature & operation mode
Operating Temperature Up to 1500 meters:0 °Cto 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
Transit/storage Temp. 15°C below zero to 55°C (5°F to 131°F)
Relative Humidity 5 - 95% non condensing
Operating Altitude 0 ~ 3000 meters
Quality control system ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14002-2004
Appearance product size(mm) 1000W-1500W:452×192×338MM
Weight(Kg) 1KW:14.0kg;1.5kw:25.0kg;2kw:28.0kg:3kw:30.0kg;4kw:35.0kg
Carton Gross Weight

1KW:15.0kg;1.5kw:27.0kg; 2kw:31.0kg; 3kw:36.0kg;4kw:41.0kg


EP2000 series is packed with features and it is one of the most advanced inverter/chargers in the market today. It features premium sine wave output with high surge capability and temperature compensated, power factor corrected, multi-stage charging to meet power needs of demanding loads including inductive motor loads.


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