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On-Line UPS Must has developed a new generation of on-line intelligent UPS---EH Series 1K(S)/2K(S)/3K(S)/6K(S)/10K(S)/3EH10KS/3EH15KS/3EH20KS UPS. Its uses the Motorola microprocessor with robust processing power which is capable of detecting and controlling quickly and accurately all movements of the UPS to ensure high product reliability

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EH5110 Series R1kVA-6kVA RACK UPS


Applied to key devices, Communication system, computer network system, some devices need harsh electric power environment.

Main Features:

 Sine wave output, Zero conversion time
 Input zero frontline detection function, Bypass output
 DC starting, Bypass protection
 Automatic startup function, Long-term type power design
 Strong ability to recharge long-term acting machine
 Shelf-check function, Powerful anti-jamming
 Can match generator
 Support inductive load too
 Winpower2000 monitoring software free downloads
 Provide intelligent slot, Provide standard battery pack
True Regenerative On-Line Design
As new and innovative technologies have become the backbone of today's businesses, maximum system availability is critical and downtime is more expensive than ever. Increasingly, businesses need a UPS that not only protects against blackouts, but also virtually eliminates more frequent and subtle power disturbances. Surges, sags, line noise and brownouts can disrupt proper operation of sensitive equipment. These disturbances may also create unnecessary production, service, and data recovery costs.
A True Regenerative On-Line UPS provides the highest level of protection against the widest spectrum of power problems. The incoming AC utility source is converted to a regulated DC voltage. From this DC voltage, a new AC voltage is regenerated, providing continuous, clean, tightly regulated power to your equipment. All  EH5110 Series UPS plus models include state-of-the-art Input Power Must Correction. This greatly reduces the amount of current demanded from your building wiring system, yielding a highly efficient, "building friendly" UPS.

Plus Microprocessor Control
Must Power EH Series UPS incorporates advanced microprocessor technology. This technology makes possible a high level of internal UPS control and management. With the supplied Winpower® software, all EH Series UPS models support unattended shutdown, management, data logging, and self-diagnostics. The software supports MS Windows® 95, 98, NT, 2000, 2000 Server, ME, XP, Novell Netware® 5 & 6, LINUX and FreeBSD. UPSILON for UNIX supports most popular UNIX platforms and OS versions.

Plus SNMP/HTTP Remote Management Support
Our SNMP/HTTP Agent board provides remote management and monitoring over any Ethernet LAN, WAN or the Internet utilizing a 10BaseT-type connection. The optional SNMP/HTTP agent installs via a port located on the back of every SG Series model.

Plus Extended Battery Ready
All EH Series models have continuous duty inverters and support the addition of optional external battery/charger packs. Whether your application requires a few additional minutes or hours, the EH Series is ready.

Plus Frequency Converter Capability
With a factory modification and the addition of an external input transformer, EH Series models can be configured for use as voltage and frequency converters. This makes the EH Series UPS Plus an ideal choice for worldwide power applications.



Product Series

EH5110 Rack mount online ups






Rated Power


1KVA / 0.7KW

2KVA / 1.4KW

3KVA / 2.1KW



Nominal Voltage


Voltage Range

115 ~ 300VAC

176 ~ 276VAC

Frequency Range

46 ~ 54Hz(default), user adjustable within 40~60Hz

46 ~ 54Hz

Power Factor




IEC320-10A inlet

IEC320-16A inlet

Terminal Block



220VAC ± 2%

220VAC ± 1%


46~54Hz or 50Hz ± 0.2Hz (Line mode)
50Hz ± 0.2Hz ( Battery mode)

46~54Hz (Line mode)
50Hz ± 0.05Hz ( Battery mode)


Sine Wave

Overload Capability

108%~150% for 30 sec., ³150% for 300 ms

105%~130% for 10 min., ³130% for 1 min.

Current Crest Ratio



Automatic Transfer

on overload and UPS failure

Before UPS Power-on

Default “NO”, user adjustable to “YES”


Voltage Range 

80~264VAC (Default), user adjustable within 80~286VAC

176 ~ 261VAC

Output Connections

IEC320 -10A * 4

IEC320-10A * 4

IEC320-10A and
Terminal Block

IEC320-10A * 4  and Terminal Block

Transfer Time

0 ms; less than 4 ms from inverter to bypass and vice versa


LED indicators


Load level / Battery level, Battery , Utility Power, Inverter, Bypass, Overload, Fault

Audible Alarm

Bypass, On battery mode, Battery low, Overload, Fault


RS-232 Serial Interface

Intelligent Slot;
OPTIONS:  WEBPOWER SNMP/WEB card, AS400 card or WinPower CMC)

Network Surge Protection

RJ45 I/O port available for network or Fax/Modem


Operating Temperature

0 ~ 40°C

Operating Humidity

20 ~ 90% non-condensing

Main Unit

Net Weight (Kg)





Dimensions (W x D x H) mm

482.6 x 450 x 88 (2U)

482.6 x 600 x 130 (3U)

Battery Pack


Internal Batteries

External Battery Pack

Nominal DC Voltage




Backup Time (Full load)

5 min

9 min
(with 1 BP)

5 min
(with 1 BP)

7 min
(with 1 BP)

Net Weight (Kg)




Dimensions (W x D x H) mm


482.6 x 450 x 88 (2U)

482.6 x 600 x 130 (3U)


It can offer the best power environment to load line. Rack ups is the top structure in all aspects, such as voltage stabilization output range, frequency range, the input noise filter, 0 ms transfer time on Utility model and battery time and so on..

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