Uninterruptible power supply

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UPS common sense

A power protection device with a battery supply to provide runtime when the mains fails or fluctuates wildly
and some degree of power quality control when a mains or other alternating current (AC) supply is present.

 Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Selecting the right Uninterruptible Power Supply for your application can seem a daunting task. A leading UPS manufacturer
like MUST UPS provides a large range of uninterruptible power supplies, driven by a need to lead the market in technology
with cost-effective solutions. Which uninterruptible power supply to choose is made harder by the convergence
in the computer and telecoms markets. New technologies such as ADSL broadband and Voice over IP (VoIP)
telephony are expanding the range of possible applications for power protection. In addition there are competing
uninterruptible power supply topologies and the choice of uninterruptible power supply, especially below 5kVA.
Within the band from 300VA to 5kVA there are three competing topologies.

Selecting an Uninterruptible Power Supply
Selecting the right Uninterruptible Power Supply type should be based on a review of the application and its nature in the operations
of the business or organisation. To highlight the differences in uninterruptible power supply topologies it is possible to review them
and the power problems they solve in the following scenarios:

-Home Small Office Home Office (SoHo) 
-Telecoms PBX and Voice over IP Telephony
-Hospital areas and applications 
-Data centres and Server Farms 

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