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how to check battery's performance

Q4. Thermal runaway will happen if a battery is operated under 40-50°C for a long period. How will thermal runaway effect a battery?
A4:Thermal runaway in a battery will cause excessive heat generation, battery swelling and result in a dangerous condition. CSB does not recommend the use of our batteries for a long time under a 40° - 50° C (104° - 122°F) environment. The battery should not be used close to a heat source or in a high temperature application.

Q5. How can you check a battery's performance?

A5: Different usage applications will use different methods for evaluating a battery's performance. Using a 20 hour rate or the 10 hour rate, you can use 0.05CA or 0.1CA to discharge the battery until the battery reaches a terminal voltage of 10.25 volts. You can then calculate the amp hours to see if the battery fits the specifications or not.

Q6. If a battery is stored for 6 months at 30°C (86°F) since its manufacturing date, how can you bring the battery's performance back to 90% in 1 hour's time? Will that procedure cause any quality problems?
A6: A brand new battery stored for 6 months since its manufacturing date will loose 30-35% in performance. You can use 0.3CA, C.V.=14.7V/PCS to charge for one hour. The battery should then return to normal performance.

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