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capacity of ups, backup time, interface on rear panel

Q15. What could I use for the RJ11 connector on the rear panel of UPS?
A15:RJ11 connector is used to protect the phone line. Hence, you can connect your phone; fax machine, modem and AADSL with it for better protection.

Q16. How to calculate the capacity of a UPS?
A16: In the markets, the capacity is usually rated by VA value, in which the "V" means voltage, and "A" means current; while VA value is the score of "V" by "A". However, the VA value is not a real power rating; in fact, the real power rating is "W" (Wattage),which is usually measured by power meter. Generally, the real power rating, the W value, is always equal to or less than the VA value, which means that there is a power factor (of) between the W & VA values, and it is always equal to or less than "1". In the best condition, the power factor is equal to 1. But, it's not common since the load type also influences it. As for UPS, on-line type is usually over 0.8 and 0.6 - 0.7 for line interactive & off-line UPS.

Q17. How about the backup time?
A17: The backup time is limited to the battery energy; of course, the load you connected also influences it. Generally, the backup time with full load is about 5 minutes. In other words, for a stand-by UPS with capacity around 500VA, the backup time is around 10-20 minutes, according to the battery capacity. As to extend the backup time, you may apply a larger capacity of UPS or apply a long backup UPS. The larger UPS is designed for using with more computers and you can apply it with fewer computers for a longer backup time too. However, to apply a long backup UPS would be more cost-efficient. Besides cost consideration, our long backup UPS is also designed with an extra large charger, which is not usually included in a regular UPS, for charging larger external battery. The most advantage is that the backup time is no limit, just can provide backup time as long as your external battery can afford.

Q18. How about monitoring software?
A18: To have UPS with more functions, it would be necessary to apply monitoring software. For using with the two different monitoring soft wares, there are two types of interfaces, dry contact & RS-232. With the dry contact one, the software can provide information, such as if utility power is normal & if battery is in a low level, on your monitor screen; and functions include auto data saving & auto shut down of your computer. While the RS-232 one can provide more information. Besides the mentioned above, the information includes input/output voltage, current, frequency, temperature, and loading. The additional functions include auto on/off of your computer with pre-set time, remote control by phone or by LAN, and many more. All the information to be displayed & monitoring functions is based on the software capability.


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