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what is the impact to pc with different transfer time?

Q11. What is the impact to the PC with different transfer time?
A11: Except On-Line UPS, there will be a short transfer time between 2ms to 10ms for the power  transformation with OFF-LINE & LINE INTERACTIVE UPS. Normally, when the blackout happens, the power supply of PC could continue the power for 16ms. Hence, most PC will still work functionally with the short transfer time.

Q12. What is the battery type of UPS?
A12: Most UPS use Lead-acid maintenance-free batteries. This kind of battery is sealed so the UPS can be located with any direction and it does not void the poison gas during charging and discharging. So it also could be an indoor installation.

Q13. Do I need UPS when I live where seldom power failure happens?
A13: In fact, power failure is one of power problems. The other power problems such as high voltage, low voltage, and spike are the main problems. The purposes of UPS is to provide customers the overall power protection such as voltage regulation, surge protection, spikes, and sags protection.  It also provides extended back up time without any limitation.

Q14. Should I shut down the UPS when the computer is off? Will warming up be a problem? Actually, it does
A14: You should shut down your UPS after shutting down your Computer. If you shut down your computer but leave UPS on. You consume energy unnecessarily and in case of any potential power outage, you will have discharged your batteries unnecessarily even if your computer is off. The UPS is equipped with the infrastructure to cool itself; therefore, it is useless to leave your UPS on.

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