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what is called offline ups,line interactive ups, online ups? and what's the differents?

Q6. What is called on-line UPS?
A6: Under normal situation, On-line UPS will supply power after rectification and will transfer to bypass only when UPS is out of order, overload, or overheat. Normally, the On-line UPS provides the pure Sinewave output which is same as the mains provide by power plants.

Q7. What is called line interactive UPS?
A7: Under normal situation, Line Interactive UPS will supply power from bypass through transformer. At this moment, transformer becomes charger. When power failure, transformer will transfer battery power to AC output.

Q8. How many kinds of Power problems?
A8: Except the blackout, there are Sags, Spikes, Surges, Noise & Transients will make the PC or other high technical equipments damage or shorten the lifetime.

Q9. What kinds of equipments should I use with the UPS? Is there any limit for it?
A9: Normally, the UPS is used for PC, high technical equipment & medical appliances. Because most  UPS are designed for PC, so not all the equipment could be connected with it. Especially, conducting loads just like cooling fans, refrigerators that have the motors. These kinds of equipments will damage the UPS. Moreover, copy machine and laser printers that have huge starting current also could not be used with UPS. The huge starting current will impact the capacity of UPS.

Q10. What is the impact of different output waveforms?
A10: There are three major types of loads: Resistive load (Lamps); SPS load (PC power supply) & Conductive Load (Motors). All the types of load can be used with Pure Sinewave. However, only Resistive and SPS loads can be used with Modified Sinewave. 





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